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SEVIS Record: How can I have my record transferred to CU?

In order to have your SEVIS record transferred to Campbellsville University, you must start with a DSO at your current school. The DSO will inform you of that school's requirements for the transfer of your SEVIS record.

In general, you will be required to submit a copy of your Letter of Acceptance to CU; you may save the Letter of Acceptance email as a pdf and send it to the DSO. Some schools also require transfer-out forms to be completed by the student and a DSO at the new school. A DSO at CU will be happy to assist you if you will Open a Ticket and attach the form.

When you have met all their requirements, a DSO at your current school will initiate the transfer to occur on the date on which you and the school agree. You will be considered "in status" while your SEVIS record is being transferred. However, the date on which your SEVIS record is transferred, any employment authorizations you may have will end. You will not have employment authorization again at least until the first day of your new program at CU.

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