Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I can't see a class I'm supposed to have!

After we enroll you in your classes, you will receive an email concerning your enrollment, and any residency dates.

You can see enrollment in Tigernet.  After logging in, choose "Academic Affairs" in the maroon ribbon.  Then choose "Degree Progress" in the grey area on the left.  You will see your unofficial transcripts.  Any classes with a "WIP" grade are classes you are currently in, or have been enrolled for a future term.

Classes will appear in Moodle approximately one week before the start of the term.  Do not be alarmed if you cannot see them in Moodle before then.  However, if classes are about to start, or if they have already started and a class disappears, be sure to submit a ticket right away so we can investigate your situation.  Note that if you do not participate in a class during the first 25% of the term, your class will be automatically dropped.  If you are an F1 student, this will likely affect your visa status.

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