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Dependent: How Can I Add or Reactivate a Dependent?

To have an F-2 dependent added to your record, you must provide the following documentation:

  • Proof of Sufficient Financial Funding (additional $2,000 per dependent)
  • For a Spouse:
    • a copy of your Marriage Certificate
    • a copy of spouse’s valid Passport (photo page and parent page)
  • For a Child:
    • must be under 21 years of age
    • must be unmarried
    • must not be within 90 days of their 21st birthday
    • a copy of the child’s Birth Certificate
    • a copy of the child’s valid Passport (photo page and parent page, unless the child is registered in the parent’s passport)
  • For Reactivation of a Dependent SEVIS Record:
    • SEVIS Number to be reactivated
When you have gathered your information and documentation, you may use the Add or Reactivate a Dependent request form.
You must submit a separate request for each dependent you would like to add or reactivate.

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