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I’ve paid my fees, but the CPT charge is not reflecting on my student account.

There is never any charge for CPT -- or any additional charges for any services from the Office of International Student Services (the DSOs) at CU. 

Sometimes, what students are really referring to is the tuition for the course BA 500 Experiential Learning Seminar. Please be aware that: 
  • BA 500 is not CPT.
  • BA 500 is not a "CPT course." 
  • BA 500 is a requirement every semester for all students enrolled in the hybrid format of the Graduate Business Programs, whether or not they have CPT or another form of employment. 
  • Students in F-1 status must be enrolled in BA 500 every semester even if they are not participating in CPT. 
  • Students in F-1 status are not required to participate in CPT, unless their degree program requires employment. Only the PMBA program requires employment
  • But BA 500 does relate to CPT in an important way: this is the course that helps you connect your practical training to your curriculum (Curricular Practical Training: CPT).   
Your enrollment in BA 500 may not happen at the start of the semester when you are enrolled in your other courses, but may happen a few weeks in. The tuition for BA 500 will not show on your student account until you have been enrolled in the course. 

The tuition for BA 500 is $525 and is due at the time it is applied to your account. However, you can pay ahead by including that amount in your initial payment. If you pay ahead, the balance will remain in your account until the charge is applied and it will be paid automatically. Otherwise, you can make your payment as normal by logging-in to TigerNet and clicking on Finances > Student Accounts > Pay My Bill.

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