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What are the programs offered?

Our Master of Science in Information Technology Management (MSITM) is a STEM program that is 10 courses long. Taking two courses per semester is required to be a full-time student. As a full-time student, this program can be completed in 5 semesters (20 months). Each semester you will take one hybrid course and one online course. The hybrid course is 16 weeks long, and requires one weekend mandatory residency. The online course is 8 weeks long, and is delivered asynchronously.

The Professional Masters of Business Administration with IT Management concentration (PMBA) is 12 courses long, and can be completed in 6 semesters (24 months). PMBA Students may be required to complete the PMBA Graduate Business Primer Courses. For the PMBA, you must have employment upon enrollment. ** Will be required to submit Employment Offer Letter for acceptance **

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