Frequently Asked Questions

Health Insurance: How can I obtain coverage?

Thank you for your inquiry about health insurance at Campbellsville University. 

While the University does not offer insurance plans, we recommend the options below. These insurance programs are Self-Enroll and Self-Pay, meaning students work directly with the insurance companies. CU is not involved in plan enrollment or any plan transactions. Whether or not a student has insurance with CISI or any other insurer has no impact on their ability to study at CU. 

For access to healthcare, we recommend the world-class insurance plans through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). CISI provides insurance plans on the nationwide Aetna network for students on F-1 Visas and their dependents. Information can be found at Cultural Insurance (CISI) and a brochure can be downloaded at CISI WCC Individual Plan ISS Brochure (2023)

For access to dental and vision care, we recommend DeltaDental of KY and DeltaVision of KY. These companies have nationwide networks of providers available in most areas across the country. Delta Dental/Vision is generally accepted nationwide and offers a couple of tiers for their plans. Kathy Hawthorne ( from Jessie Insurance Agency of Central Kentucky is the local contact who can assist students with enrollment in these plans. 

Remember: These insurance programs are Self-Enroll and Self-Pay; they are not administered by or billed through the University.

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