Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Transfer Credit from my previous school?

In order to request transfer credit from your previous school(s), you must create a ticket and include the following:

  1. Program in which you have been Accepted or Applied.
  2. The course you have taken with an A or B grade, that believe to be the same as the one in the new program.
  3. Soft copies of your Graduate Transcripts.
  4. WES or other credential evaluation if the transcripts are from a non-US university.

We will review your transcript and let you know.  If it is not clear that the course is the same, we may require copies of the syllabi from your previous course for comparison.  Note that we only accept transfer credit from Regionally Accredited universities (or their equivalent worldwide).

Once we determine that a course could be eligible for credit transfer, Campbellsville University must receive Official copies of your transcript within the next four weeks in order to actually process the credit transfer.

Any course that you have already taken at Campbellsville University, whether you passed or failed, is not eligible for credit transfer.

Any course you are currently taking is not eligible for credit transfer.  Requests must be made before the start of the semester.

Realize that if you transfer a hybrid course, it will shorten your program.  Once transfer credit is granted, it cannot be rescinded in order to lengthen your program.  And unless you also transfer an online course, you will have to double up on online classes in one or more semesters.

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